Wednesday 5 March 2008

Two months

Its been two months since I started writing this blog and in general I'm pretty happy with the way its going. I have successfully made a significant change to how my free time is spent - I'm playing less games, reading more and programming more. The act of maintaining this blog is sustaining this significant change by making me feel accountable. Basically, the plan is working. That said, I was pretty slack over the last two weeks and didn't post much. I'm annoyed that I let that happen - somehow I was telling myself that I didn't have anything to post about but that was just a pack of lies and an attempt to justify a spell of minor lazyness. The interesting fact is that I find much of what I'm trying to learn challenging but writing blog posts of a satisfying (for me - I make no promises about them being satisfying for you) quality is probably the hardest task of the lot. This tiny set of paragraphs has taken me literally hours to write and it is this very fact that makes it so important I keep posting consistently. If it takes me hours to write a few hundred words about nothing at all then imagine how long it will take me to write blog posts where I actually have a point to make! Hopefully by the time I start having ideas of communicable merit my writing will be sufficiently practiced that I can count the hours I need to write about the idea on one hand. Wow, that previous sentence took me like 5 minutes and it still doesn't make any sense. Those of you that are reading this do so because you know me (if somehow I'm wrong and you are random visitor, stop wasting time here and go read something of value - don't worry, I'll still be here when you come back in a year or two, and hopefully by then I will also have something valuable to offer). Hopefully I am proving to be at least mildly entertaining / interesting / motivating for you guys but I am painfully aware of just how much I'm relying on the whole its-worth-reading-because-its-someone-I-know factor. Ohwell, practice makes perfect.


  1. Man, way to claim my shortcoming as your own; I thought that taking ages to re-re-re-re-re-draft my thoughts was almost exclusively something I did.

    I've been writing a bit of documentation for the last week or so and I've been running into this issue a lot. Writing more frequently could be a good remedy for that. Though, for the sake of writing practice I wouldn't stoop so low as to impersonate your former colleagues.

    (The above took only 20 minutes. That's almost 4 words per minute!)

  2. Trent, you freaking rule. Pure comedy gold. I really hope it did take you 20 minutes because hearing that makes me feel so much better!