Friday 12 March 2010

Talking Shop

Last week I was featured on the Talking Shop Down Under podcast. Fellow aussie Richard Banks was kind enough to extend me an invitation a few weeks back to join him on his show but I told him there were “… many more interesting aussies to interview before we get to me” and suggested he start with Joe Albahari (LINQPad rocks!!). Boy I knew I was in trouble when the very next podcast rolled through featuring Joe – Richard sure doesn’t waste any time!

In the podcast we discuss Fluent NHibernate, git, and my reasons for doing open source. For those of you that were hoping for some more Reactive Extensions content, I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting Rx lately so I didn’t feel qualified to talk much about it. Maybe next time?

Thanks to Richard for having me on the show, it was lots of fun. If you do have a listen, please feel free to leave a comment – this was my first podcast and I haven’t done a great deal of public speaking so I could benefit from some constructive criticism. Cheers!

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