Thursday 24 January 2008

Android Code Day: London

In November last year, Google announced an open source operating system for mobile phones called Android. This is a big deal for me because I have wanted a "gPhone" for a while now and a phone that runs Android will be the closest I can get any time soon. I expect the mobile applications market will grow significantly over the next few years and so this is one of the fields I want to start spending time on. I was expecting to start posting about Android in a week or two, after I finished the series of articles on the parsing/calculator exercise. The reason why I'm posting about Android today is because last night I managed to register for the Android Code Day running next week at Google London. I found out about it via one of Google's official blogs and I'm quite glad I was subscribed - I checked a few minutes ago and registration has already closed. These things are popular! I'm still working on the parsing exercise. I can be kinda slow when it comes to this sort of stuff (hey that's part of why I'm doing it!) and I'm struggling to come up with the algorithm for building the binary tree while ensuring I follow order of operations. I could probably Google/Wiki it but its become a personal challenge now - I know I can do this bit without help, its just about getting my brain to shift into the right gear. "You are SUCH a geek – you know that don’t you?" - My boss's reply when I asked for the day off so I could go to the Android Code Day :)

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